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We ran independent lab tests to confirm the effectiveness of Happy Coal™.  Yes, it is very effective in removing chlorine, heavy metals and unpleasant smells and tastes from your drinking water.

Happy Coal™ will also alkalise your water by releasing alkali ions. It will raise the pH levels of water to 8-8.5.

In a nutshell, you will be making mineral water at home – again and again.


The Japanese people have used Binchotan to filter water and improve the taste of cooked rice for a long, long time. Binchotan is sent directly from the kilns of Wakayama. It is washed at the production site to remove the ash and earth residue. We recommend that you boil Happy Coal™ for 5 minutes to remove any possibility of the residue still hanging on.


Please remember that Binchotan is an organic product. It is made from branches of the ubame oak that forest caretakers remove to prune the trees. Just like the branches themselves, Binchotan will differ in thickness and length, and will display the same irregularities as the tree it came from. We buy the highest grade of Kishu Binchotan, the small, highly dense pieces, which are ideal for filtering water (or cooking with). But there will be organic irregularities.


We do not refund for a change of mind. We are a small business, and each transaction comes at a cost to us, which we will not be able to recover if we refund you.

We will, however, offer a refund or replacement if the product reaches you in a less than ideal state.

While we take every care to package the product so that it doesn’t break, accidents can happen. If your Binchotan was crushed in transit, send us a photo of the damaged product as soon as you receive it, and we will send a replacement, free.


As we only sell Binchotan…there is nothing we can replace it with. We will, however, offer a choice of exchange or refund if your Binchotan is crushed in transit. Please notify us immediately after you receive the damaged product.


Postage is $7 Australia-wide for packages up to 500 g, and $10 for larger packages. We also offer Express Post option, $10 for small packages, and $14 for large packages. Please keep in mind that we use biodegradable padding and mailing bags, which add to the weight of each parcel. We refuse to use plastic mailing bags! Thus, two 240 g bags of binchotan add to more than a 500 g parcel.