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New – Binchotan sculptures

We have a new product – binchotan sculptures! A custom order from a Melbourne chef took us on an interesting new journey. It is one thing to import small, robust binchotan pieces, and another to source long, delicate, fragile twigs of kishu binchotan. Logistics aside, the greatest challenge was for our binchotan producer. He had never created binchotan for sculptures. After a lot of trial and error (read: a lot of broken binchotan), and help…

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Binchotan – the best BBQ fuel

Happy Coal is all about helping you purify and beautify your water. But we are bursting with pride and must tell you about how many other useful applications it has. It is truly a miracle material! In Japan, binchotan’s popularity as water filter began a few decades ago. For hundreds of years before that, binchotan has been mainly used as fuel in open fire pits irori in traditional Japanese homes. These days, modern conveniences have replaced the…

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