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We have a new product – binchotan sculptures!

A custom order from a Melbourne chef took us on an interesting new journey. It is one thing to import small, robust binchotan pieces, and another to source long, delicate, fragile twigs of kishu binchotan.

Logistics aside, the greatest challenge was for our binchotan producer. He had never created binchotan for sculptures. After a lot of trial and error (read: a lot of broken binchotan), and help from the entire kishu binchotan cooperative, he finally sent us this grainy photo:

Photo from producer



Binchotan sculptures are made from the same high grade kishu binchotan as the rest of our products. Each stick will work hard at purifying the air around it, and releasing negative ions into it. Negative ions are the negatively charged particles in the air, that make it so delicious and easy to breath in. Think of the air by the ocean, near waterfalls, in the forest!

The sculpture, not content to just be a pretty face, will also regulate humidity and mop up any electromagnetic radiation – as electromagnetic rays travel through the billions of binchotan pores, they refract until they weaken.

Here’s a sample of what your sculpture could look like. If you are interested in having one in your restaurant or home, please contact us directly on contact @

2016-03-09 _sculpture 11 2016-03-09 09.38.33_Sculpture 2 2016-03-09 09.41.53_Sculpture 4