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Kishu Binchotan eco water filter

The idea of the Happy Coal ™ eco water filter was born, out of all places, in the beachside suburb of Sydney, Manly.
The woman behind the brand is a long-time aficionado of all things Japan.

It was on her travels through the beautiful coastal prefecture of Wakayama, Japan, that she came across this miracle material. The Japanese have been using it to make beautifully grilled food since the Edo period. In the last few decades, Japanese scientists discovered that Binchotan’s unique micro-porous structure makes Binchotan very effective for absorbing chemicals from water. Today, the Japanese use Binchotan to purify water and air, and to charge the atmosphere of their homes with negative ions. They even use it to improve the flavour of cooked rice!

Back in Sydney, she set about working on other pieces of the puzzle. Binchotan is a 100% green material. No tree dies in the making of it – Binchotan makers are owners of ubame oak forests. They prune trees to enable healthier growth, and use the cuttings to make Binchotan. After use, Binchotan can be crushed and added to the soil to naturally fertilise it. The packaging had to match the product – so she sourced the world’s most eco-friendly labels. Printed on fair-trade, tree-free grass paper, with vegetable inks. The adhesive and the wrapping are biodegradable.

A plastic-free, completely biodegradable water filter was born on the shores of Manly.