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Kishu Binchotan Charcoal

How to use binchotan

Kishu Binchotan water filter


Free your binchotan from its 100% recycled and recyclable packaging. Put binchotan in boiling water and boil for 5 minutes to sterilise. Remove with tongs and cool.


Slide binchotan into your favourite bottle or jug with care. Don’t drop it – binchotan might chip. Fill up with tap water. Use minimum of 60 grams of binchotan per liter of water. More binchotan will speed up filtration.


Leave binchotan in water for at least 5 hours to filter and alkalise. For best results, leave binchotan to work its magic overnight.


Enjoy clean, soft, delicious, alkalising water! Our independent lab test achieved a pH level of 8.9. Try brewing a pot of tea with your binchotan water, and savour the difference.


Keep refilling your bottle with tap water for up to 2 months. Boil binchotan every 3 weeks to refresh and remove build-up.


Find more jobs for binchotan once it no longer filters water:

* Use binchotan as an air freshener and dehumidifier in your fridge.

* Crush binchotan and add to the soil in your garden. It is an excellent fertiliser.

* Get creative and add striking binchotan to your flat lays and shelfies.

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